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Isabelle Bensmail


Isabelle is a second-year student majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Born and raised in Paris, France, her passion for diplomacy was ignited by her grandfather, an Algerian diplomat with a later career at the United Nations. His stories about advocating for disarmament and the prohibition of chemical weapons left a lasting impression on her, sparking her curiosity for the field.

Today, she has a particular interest in international law partly influenced by her reading of 'On the Origins of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity' by Philippe Sands which she could never ever ever recommend enough !

She hopes to make events more accessible and to show that diplomacy is not a closed-off realm; it's something worth exploring because now, more than ever, cooperation is crucial. Recent events have shown that peace is not necessarily guaranteed indefinitely. Dialogue, listening, and understanding will always be preferable to violence and unilateralism.

She looks forward to seeing many of you at our events, as we have some exciting things in store! 🌍

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