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Welcome to KCL Diplomacy Society! 

Established in 2011, we are not only the premier foreign and international affairs society at King’s College London but also one of the largest student-led diplomatic societies in London. Our shared vision for the upcoming year is to create a vibrant, inclusive and thought-provoking international community where our members can thrive and grow together! 

We are dedicated to connecting like-minded individuals passionate about foreign policy and international affairs. Our activities include hosting influential speakers, arranging embassy visits, organising networking events & career-focused sessions in areas such as international relations, politics, economics, and development. 

Let us be the true catalyst to your career in Diplomacy! #BigDiplomaticEnergy

With over 100 members to the society from within and outside of King's College London it represents a great opportunity to present your organisation or work to a wide range of students and professionals interested in the related facets of diplomacy. Feel free to contact us if you are a young motivated individual and wish to get more involved in running the society or if you are interested in organizing an event with us in the future. 

About us: À propos






Virginia Carlier is a third year International Relations student, who is both Swiss and American. Her interest in diplomacy arose from growing up in a greatly diverse and historical centre for numerous international organisations. She is particularly interested in how sustainable development solutions, gender equality policies and  intergovernmental cooperation can be used as innovative tools for positive change towards a brighter, more equitable world.

Her shared vision with Intissar for this upcoming academic year at the KCL Diplomacy Society is to create a vibrant, inclusive and thought-provoking international community where members can thrive and grow together on both professional and personal levels! 

Virginia is greatly excited to be sharing her enthusiasm and passion for foreign affairs through her Presidency this year! 




Intissar Seuren is a third year student in International Relations. Coming from a Dutch/Moroccan cultural background, she has always had a curiosity and profound appreciation for the art of diplomacy.

Her unwavering passion for analysing the threads of global relations has been forged through her love for travel and discovering new cultures, and more specifically understanding the different political cultures of countries and how they interact within the international arena. She’s excited to bring this passion and commitment to the society.

Together with Virginia, she promises to lead the society towards new horizons, fostering an environment that is both enlightening and inviting!




Kenza Alaoui, a second-year International Relations student, was born and raised in the vibrant city of Rabat, Morocco. Kenza developed a keen interest in diplomacy, surrounded by embassies and government buildings that piqued her curiosity about how international affairs functioned. Her exposure to diplomats through her friends with diplomatic backgrounds only fueled her fascination.

Her interest in diplomacy blossomed during her secondary education, thanks in part to the Model United Nations (MUN) conferences organized by her school. These conferences provided a platform for her to engage in spirited debates and connect with individuals from diverse corners of the globe.

Kenza is committed to ensuring the Diplomacy Society functions seamlessly, offering a fulfilling experience to all its members, be it committee members or general participants. She is also enthusiastic about contributing to the society's inaugural merchandise launch this year. Beyond her diplomatic pursuits, Kenza harbors a deep love for art and drawing




Isabelle is a second-year student majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Born and raised in Paris, France, her passion for diplomacy was ignited by her grandfather, an Algerian diplomat with a later career at the United Nations. His stories about advocating for disarmament and the prohibition of chemical weapons left a lasting impression on her, sparking her curiosity for the field.

Isabelle has a particular interest in international law partly influenced by her reading of 'On the Origins of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity' by Philippe Sands which she could never ever ever recommend enough !

She hopes to make events more accessible and to show that diplomacy is not a closed-off realm; it's something worth exploring because now, more than ever, cooperation is crucial. Recent events have shown that peace is not necessarily guaranteed indefinitely. Dialogue, listening, and understanding will always be preferable to violence and unilateralism.

She looks forward to seeing many of you at our events, as we have some exciting things in store! 



Head of Communications

Mridula Jethwani is a second-year LLB Law student. Originally from India, she grew up abroad including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Malaysia, and currently UK. Her passion for diplomacy stems from her upbringing and MUN conferences where she learned firsthand the power of negotiation, cultural exchange, and the importance of global cooperation. Currently pursuing a degree in law, Mridula's passion is increasing international access to justice, navigating diplomatic conventions, and delving into the intricacies of cross-jurisdictional matters. She is especially interested in how legal frameworks intersect with the world of diplomacy.

 She aims to enhance the society's visibility and transparency by producing engaging content, ensuring that society remains at the cutting edge of diplomatic discourse at KCL.

Fun fact: Mridula speaks six languages thanks to living in so many places!



Head of Socials

Arshiya is a second-year student reading International Relations. Extremely glad to serve the society as the Head of Socials for this academic session, she looks forward to creating a powerful community here at Diplomacy society. Born and brought up in New Delhi, India, her interest in diplomacy stems from her deep-rooted belief that international collaboration, through dialogues and actions, holds the ability to facilitate the betterment of society. Her primary goal for this year is to deliver more frequent, engaging and inclusive socials to create a well-connected and like-minded community of aspiring diplomats; essentially everything she can do to ensure that you can actualise your Big Diplomatic Energy!
She is always on the lookout for new books, art, music and recipes.



Co-Head of Events

Manon Martin is currently in her second year of studying BA in International Relations. Hailing from France, Manon's journey has been marked by her profound interest in foreign affairs, which was ignited during her experiences studying abroad. Her exposure to diverse cultures and perspectives has instilled in her a deep-seated fascination with international relations and diplomacy.

In her role as Co-Head of Events for the Diplomacy Society, Manon is dedicated to creating memorable and engaging experiences for its members. She believes that diplomacy is a multifaceted field. Through these events, she hopes to guide each member on a journey of discovery, unveiling the many intricate aspects that make up the world of diplomacy. She envisions a community where every member gains a holistic understanding of diplomacy, recognizing that it extends far beyond official negotiations.

Fun fact : she drinks 5 coffee per day! minimum



Co-Head of Events

Barad Sultan, currently a second-year student pursuing a BA in International Relations, hails from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Barad's fascination with diplomacy stems from its influential role in resolving conflicts, fostering international cooperation, and addressing global challenges. The opportunity to engage with international issues, negotiate agreements, and promote cultural understanding has always captivated her interest.

In her vision for the society, Barad aims to achieve the following:

  1. Expand the King's Diplomats network.

  2. Diversify events and organize Embassy visits.

  3. Promote inclusivity through diplomatic panel discussions.

  4. Foster societal collaborations both within and outside KCL.

  5. Support students in expanding their own career networks.

On a lighter note, Barad's fun fact and hobby reveal her love for baking and all things pastry-related.

About us: Team Members
About us: Testimonials

I went to a few events of the society this year and I must say it was not only interesting but also fun as we got to stay around after the events with the other attendees.


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