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Founded in 2011, KCL Diplomacy Society is not only the premier foreign and international affairs society at King’s College London but also one of the largest student-led Diplomatic Society in London. We host high-profile speakers, embassy visits, networking and careers events focused on international relations, politics, economics, development, and more. Our goal is to connect students interested in foreign policy and affairs with people working in the field of diplomacy.

Our group of highly motivated students often organizes visits to foreign embassies in the heart of London to learn more about their culture, language and foreign affairs. We also receive high profile guests on campus at King's College such as the Hungarian ambassador with whom we discussed the place of Hungary in the European Union and their future relationship. Most of our events are formatted to include a part of Q&A with the speakers to ensure the greatest possible relevance and involvement to/from our members.

With over 400 members of the society from within and outside of King's College London it represents a great opportunity to present your organization or work to a wide range of young students and professionals interested in the sector. 

Feel free to contact us if you are a young motivated individual and wish to get more involved in running the society or if you are interested in organizing an event with us in the future. 

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Zuzanna is a third year Philosophy, Politics and Economics student from Warsaw, Poland. She will have the pleasure of being the president of the Diplomacy Society this year! She would love for the society to become a welcoming, safe and thought provoking place for all to develop and flourish. Zuzanna is very interested in diplomacy as she believe that only through dialogue and effective communication the greatest results can be achieved. Apart from diplomacy, she is also highly interested in working with refugees. Zuzanna is excited to be sharing her interest and passion this year through the society!




Lucas (he/him) is a third year Spanish and Belgian Philosophy, Politics and Economics student. Having grown up in Belgium in an international setting, it has taught him the importance and centrality of diplomacy in all areas of our lives. This setting has also awakened his interest in politics and the European sphere, a subject he specifically likes in diplomacy. These experiences make him firmly believe in the role of diplomacy and the importance of the Diplomacy Society.





Oli (he/him) is from the UK and a second year War Studies student. He is specifically interested in issues such as strategic communications, terrorism and how technology has impacted foreign affairs and the way diplomacy is conducted. Some of his most memorable experiences from the society so far have been the visit to the Russian embassy and the Diplomacy Ball. He is excited to work with the rest of the committee to put on some great events and socials!





Clara (she/her) is a third-year Philosophy, Politics and Economics student from Germany. Stemming from her somewhat naive aim to make the world a better place, she strongly believes in the power of diplomacy, dialogue and cooperation and is particularly interested in green diplomacy. Clara wanted to be a part of the committee to pursue that interest and help others in discovering the different aspects and facets of diplomacy by bringing in her experience from other societies.

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Head of Communications

Virginia (she/her) is a second year International Relations student, who is both Swiss and American. Her interest in diplomacy arose from growing up in a greatly diverse and historical centre for numerous international organisations. She is particularly interested in how sustainable development solutions and intergovernmental cooperation can help alleviate worldwide issues such as climate change and human rights violations. Virginia is excited to meet other like-minded people through this student-led society!



Head of HR & Outreach

Alexandra (she/her) is a British and Canadian third-year History student. Her interest in diplomacy grew from studying global history and she is particularly interested in the rise of China. She is also excited at the chance to get more people involved in the Diplomacy Society and to provide fun socials alongside the formal events!


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Head of Events

Hafsah (she/her) is a second year International Relations student from London, England. Her interest in diplomacy stems from her belief in its’ vitality in ensuring the deliverance of individual rights. She is excited to expand her interest with the society.



Events Officer

Yilin (he/him) is a third-year Philosophy, Politics and Economics student from China. He chose to be part of the society because he is interested in international development and sustainability issues faced by humanity, and he values international cooperation. He would like to help the society focus more on climate change and global development issues. He is excited to meet you all!


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Events Officer

Intissar Seuren (she/her) is a second year student majoring in International Relations. She is the events officer for the committee this year, and her role includes organising and planning the events for the society. She’s looking forward to talking on this role and being part of the team. Intissar has always been interested in the art of diplomacy through her love for traveling and discovering new cultures, and more specifically understanding different political cultures from country to country. Her passion for diplomacy and foreign affairs further developed through the years she’s participated in MUN events all over the world. She’s excited to bring this passion and commitment to the society and organise fun and fruitful events for the upcoming year!

About us: Team Members
About us: Testimonials

I went to a few events of the society this year and I must say it was not only interesting but also fun as we got to stay around after the events with the other attendees.


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