Founded in 2011, KCL Diplomacy Society is not only the premier foreign and international affairs society at King’s College London but also one of the largest student-led Diplomatic Society in London. We host high-profile speakers, embassy visits, networking and careers events focused on international relations, politics, economics, development, and more. Our goal is to connect students interested in foreign policy and affairs with people working in the field of diplomacy.

Our group of highly motivated students often organizes visits to foreign embassies in the heart of London to learn more about their culture, language and foreign affairs. We also receive high profile guests on campus at King's College such as the Hungarian ambassador with whom we discussed the place of Hungary in the European Union and their future relationship. Most of our events are formatted to include a part of Q&A with the speakers to ensure the greatest possible relevance and involvement to/from our members.

With over 400 members of the society from within and outside of King's College London it represents a great opportunity to present your organization or work to a wide range of young students and professionals interested in the sector. 

Feel free to contact us if you are a young motivated individual and wish to get more involved in running the society or if you are interested in organizing an event with us in the future. 







Tommy is a third-year Political Economy student from France. His studies and recent work experiences specializing in political risk insurance have reinforced his interest for the diplomatic and international relations fields and he is excited to share his passion with his fellow society members.




Gabija Cepurnaite is a third-year Economics and Management student from Lithuania. She chose to be part of this society because she is interested in diplomatic affairs and international relations and wanted to meet other like-minded people.




Melis Yasat is a third-year International Relations BA student from Helsinki, Finland. Her interest in diplomacy is a big reason why she decided to study IR in the first place. She is very excited to be sharing her passion this year through this society.

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Romane is a third-year Political Economy student from France. Her interest in international relations and especially green diplomacy has led her to join the society, and she wishes to make other students discover all that diplomacy can entail.

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Head of Events

Léo is our Co-Head of Events and a Swedish and French third-year Political Economy student. His interest in diplomacy grew through his numerous travels and living abroad experiences. Strongly committed to showing the world of Diplomacy to fellow students, he is eager to organize events between Diplomats, Academics and Students. He has a lot of experience leading student societies and has done an internship for a finance intelligence startup.  He is particularly interested in how private and public solutions can collaborate to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

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Head of Events

Zuzanna is a second-year student of Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Warsaw, Poland. She chose to be part of the society because she believes that the world can only be changed through dialogue and mutual cooperation! She is excited to be sharing her interest and passion this year through the society.

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Head of Communications

Eva is a third year of Political Economy from Paris, France. She wanted to get involved in diplomacy since she has seen its importance in international relations and global governance. She is happy to pursue her interest in a student-led innovative society.

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Head of HR & Outreach

Nephele Hrabak is a fourth-year German and History student who is Greek, Austrian, and British. Nephele’s love for languages has driven her interest in diplomacy and international relations. This year, she is excited to be part of a society that continues to grow and inspire it’s members.


I went to a few events of the society this year and I must say it was not only interesting but also fun as we got to stay around after the events with the other attendees.