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Welcome to KCL Diplomacy Society! 

Established in 2011, we are not only the premier foreign and international affairs society at King’s College London but also one of the largest student-led diplomatic societies in London. Our shared vision for the upcoming year is to create a vibrant, inclusive and thought-provoking international community where our members can thrive and grow together! 

We are dedicated to connecting like-minded individuals passionate about foreign policy and international affairs. Our activities include hosting influential speakers, arranging embassy visits, organising networking events & career-focused sessions in areas such as international relations, politics, economics, and development. 

Let us be the true catalyst to your career in Diplomacy! #BigDiplomaticEnergy

With over 300 members to the society from within and outside of King's College London it represents a great opportunity to present your organisation or work to a wide range of students and professionals interested in the related facets of diplomacy. Feel free to contact us if you are a young motivated individual and wish to get more involved in running the society or if you are interested in organizing an event with us in the future. 

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