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Diplomatic Futures
Masterclasses Program

  • Diplomacy and career related Masterclasses: CV building, interview prep, public speaking, crisis management, women empowerment, networking

  • Influential End of Year Reception in partnership with recruiters, experts, embassies, think tanks & more: set in April 2024

  • Certificates of completion at the end of the program will be awarded to showcase learned skills


Themes & Topics:

  1. Mastering ResilienceBuilding Diplomatic Careers that Withstand Challenges

  2. Networking Mastery: Crafting Diplomatic Success through Strategic Connections

  3. Outshine to Outperform: Career Building Skills for Diplomats

  4. Cultural Insights: Navigating Diplomacy with Awareness and Adaptability



End of Year 

  1. Most influential student end-of-year soirée with 300 in attendance

  2. Attendees will include KCL Diplomacy Society members who have been highly engaged in the DF Masterclasses Program

  3. At the event: 

    opportunity to network with high-profile guests and recruiters, offer opportunities for everyone's interests, helping attendees secure insightful connections in the world of diplomacy!
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