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Mridula Jethwani

Head of Communications

Mridula Jethwani is a second-year LLB Law student. Originally from India, she grew up abroad including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Malaysia, and currently UK. Her passion for diplomacy stems from her upbringing and MUN conferences where she learned firsthand the power of negotiation, cultural exchange, and the importance of global cooperation. Currently pursuing a degree in law, Mridula's passion is increasing international access to justice, navigating diplomatic conventions, and delving into the intricacies of cross-jurisdictional matters. She is especially interested in how legal frameworks intersect with the world of diplomacy.

She aims to enhance the society's visibility and transparency by producing engaging content, ensuring that society remains at the cutting edge of diplomatic discourse at KCL.

Fun fact: Mridula speaks six languages thanks to living in so many places

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