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Kenza Alaoui


Kenza Alaoui, a second-year International Relations student, was born and raised in the vibrant city of Rabat, Morocco. Kenza developed a keen interest in diplomacy, surrounded by embassies and government buildings that piqued her curiosity about how international affairs functioned. Her exposure to diplomats through her friends with diplomatic backgrounds only fueled her fascination.

Her interest in diplomacy blossomed during her secondary education, thanks in part to the Model United Nations (MUN) conferences organized by her school. These conferences provided a platform for her to engage in spirited debates and connect with individuals from diverse corners of the globe. Kenza is committed to ensuring the Diplomacy Society functions seamlessly, offering a fulfilling experience to all its members, be it committee members or general participants. She is also enthusiastic about contributing to the society's inaugural merchandise launch this year.

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