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Manon Martin

Co-head of Events

Manon Martin is currently in her second year of studying BA in International Relations. Hailing from France, Manon's journey has been marked by her profound interest in foreign affairs, which was ignited during her experiences studying abroad. Her exposure to diverse cultures and perspectives has instilled in her a deep-seated fascination with international relations and diplomacy.

In her role as Co-Head of Events for the Diplomacy Society, Manon is dedicated to creating memorable and engaging experiences for its members. She believes that diplomacy is a multifaceted field. Through these events, she hopes to guide each member on a journey of discovery, unveiling the many intricate aspects that make up the world of diplomacy. She envisions a community where every member gains a holistic understanding of diplomacy, recognizing that it extends far beyond official negotiations.

Fun fact : she drinks 5 coffee per day! minimum

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