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Matilde Consonni

Events Officer 

Matilde Consonni is a third year International Relations student, born and raised in Como, Italy. Her Bachelor’s degree contributed to the strengthening of her knowledge of international relations, as well as helping her familiarize with fields such as international law, politics, and political economy. Her interest for diplomacy stems from the events she engaged in throughout her academic years, including the participation in MUN conferences, which allowed her to experience firsthand the realities involved within a diplomatic environment. Aside from Italian and English, Matilde has had the opportunity of  learning both Spanish and Mandarin, and she is currently studying French, as she believes that being able to speak and engage with others in multiple languages is extremely beneficial in the diplomatic world. As part of the organizing committee for the Diplomatic Futures program, she will contribute to the development of this student-led initiative with the aim of providing members with essential insights and skills for a prosperous and fruitful diplomatic career.

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